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We specialize in working with Latin Hair and Ethnic Hair. Maritza Has hired a exceptionally experienced crew of Dominican hair stylists. Don't ever go to another person who will mess up your hair. We can bring your damaged hair back to life, stop by and let us show you what we can do.

What does it take to “Dominican blow-out” your hair?  

Sometimes, it’s just crazy that people are never content with what they have.  Take your hair for instance.  People with naturally straight hair will go to endless salons just to get the perfect perm.  People with thick and curly hair will do the same thing except that they’ll go to the salon and get their hair straightened out.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, or you’re of different races and descent.  Everyone wants beautiful hair. 

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We are Conveniently Located at 1600 Ronald Dr Raleigh, NC 27609. We accept Walk-ins and Appointments

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The New Fad – Dominican Blowout 

Every time there’s a new hairstyling product or hairstyling method for straightening hair, you’ll expect women to book their appointments with their favorite salon to try it.  This time, you have to go to a specific salon, one that specializes in Dominican blowouts in order to try out the new style in straightening hair. 

To put it simply, a Dominican blowout is a style perpetuated by Dominican hairstylists as a way of calling their own special brand of blowdrying your hair.  One thing that you have to understand is that people with thick, frizzy and curly hair (and these are usually African Americans) go to traditional black salons for their regular dose of hair straightening.  They either have their hair relaxed or straightened just to keep the frizzy hair at bay.  With the entry of the new Dominican blowout, which is relatively cheaper and results in better, straighter hair, most people are now eager to try it out. 

What goes on during a Dominican Blowout 

Just like any regular hairstyling day, the first things that Dominican hairstylists will do are shampoo and deep condition your hair.  They understand that your hair will undergo tremendous styling with a lot of heat and a lot of brushing so they’re just trying to give it a little bit of protection.  Once that’s done, they will then put rollers on your hair to loosen them and smooth them out.  You will stay under the hoodie for some time to hasten the process. 

Once the rollers are out of your hair, this is when all the blowdrying will occur.  Dominican blow out hairstylists will use high temperature blow dryers in sections of hair and brushing them continuously with a brush of thick and widely-spaced bristles.   The combination of the heat and the brushing straightens out the hair in no time.  Once all the hair has been straightened out, some conditioning serum will be applied to diffuse the heat from the hair.  Some stylists will still use a flat iron for some spot corrections on hair sections. 

Where to go for a Dominican Blowout 

Dominican blowout salons are few and far in between and are mostly concentrated in the East Coast where there’s a large concentration of Dominicans.  One of these salons that you can go to is Maritza’s Salon in Raleigh, NC where they have an expert team of Dominican blowout professionals that can give you the service that you deserve. 



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